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As everybody knows, having a healthy roof is important for your property including ensuring your Chimney Stack and brickwork pointing is in good repair. If you have a problem with your chimney in Lewes, a repair from Bespoke Roofing & Renovations Ltd can work out a lot less than you might think, and will definitely save you money in the long term.


We will offer you a free no obligation quote and can also offer you a very competitive estimate for any remedial works required to your chimney stack. From smaller re pointing issues to correcting brickwork no job is too small for us to help with.


We offer a complete chimney repair service in Lewes which provides :


      Long lasting remedial works

      Choice of new bricks to match your building and budget

      Chimney stacks functioning within Safety Standards

      Chimney re pointing work

      Work guarantee upon completion for peace of mind

      Free advice & quote


To get started give us a call and we will visit your property to advise on the scale of the chimney repair you require. Remember the cost of maintaining a healthy roof & chimney in Lewes will always be a lot less than long term costs caused to damage left untreated.


We offer high quality workmanship on all our chimney repairs in Lewes.


For further information contact us today on Lewes : 01273 447495


Chimney Repairs in Lewes

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Chimney Problem?   We repoint & rebuild chimney stacks in Lewes



Chimney Repairs in Lewes

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