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We offer a full range of roof repairs in East & West Sussex

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You would think that roof repairs were generally easier than installing a new roof,

well sometimes it is – but often they can be very tricky indeed.


We have experience with the following roof repairs in Sussex:


        Flat Roof Repairs

       Slate Roof Repairs

        Tenement Roof Repairs

       Concrete Roof Repairs

       Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

       Metal Roof Repairs

       Garage Roof Repairs

        Rubber Roof Repairs


The first step in fixing a leak is to find out exactly what is causing the leak. Finding this can sometimes take longer than doing the actual roof repair! Basically, if the roofing contractor is not totally sure he found the cause – he probably didn’t and any work that was done was done in vain.


A roof repair will generally be cheaper than a roof replacement but why not get a quote for both?


You may find that a roof replacement is only the cost of a few repairs – and given that most repairs only last a few years, and a new roof will actually add value to your home, it may be worth just changing the whole thing and never worrying when it rains anymore.


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Professional Roof Repairs in Sussex 

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Recommended Roof Repairs in East & West Sussex

Brighton : 01273 447495  -  Pulborough  : 01798 879385

Worthing : 01903 525134  -  Haywards Heath : 01444 810086

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