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Is your roof in urgent need of being repaired because it leaks or because you would like a renovation on existing roofing coverings in Worthing, Bespoke Roofing & Renovations Ltd has been a family business in Worthing for over 30 years so this type of work is like second nature to us.


We supply and erect our own scaffolding for your Worthing roofing jobs. We do not rely on a third party and once work is completed we will strike within 3 working days.


We also now offer a drone survey service in Worthing, for all your Worthing roofing needs. Contact us today if this service is of interest to you.





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We have experience with the following roof repairs in Worthing : 


        Flat Roof Repairs

       Slate Roof Repairs

        Tenement Roof Repairs

       Concrete Roof Repairs

       Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal 

       Metal Roof Repairs

       Roofers Worthing 

        Chimney Repairs Worthing


The first step in repairing a roof is to find out exactly what is causing the problem. Finding this can sometimes take longer than doing the actual roof repair! Basically, if the roofing contractor is not totally sure he found the cause – he probably didn’t and any work that was done was done in vain.


A roof repair will generally be cheaper than a roof replacement but if you live in Worthing why not get a quote for both? 


You may find that a roof replacement is only the cost of a few repairs – and given that most repairs only last a few years, and a new roof will actually add value to your home, it may be worth just changing the whole thing and never worrying when it rains anymore.


Offering Expert Roofing Solutions to the Local Worthing Community.

Bespoke roofing Ltd  are fully qualified operatives who have been serving the local Worthing community since 1966, so we can fully justify our guarantees – all our guarantees can be transferred to any subsequent purchaser of the property on application. To Bespoke Roofing Ltd , these can often increase the value of your property.

As Worthing property holders it is always our intention and aspirations to see Worthing and Property go up in value and as proud members of Chackatrade we are happy for any potential customers to check our reviews.


Bespoke Roofing Ltd are skilled roofers and provide expert installation and repair of all types of roof tiling and slates. Whether it be for domestic or commercial buildings we have a vast knowledge and years of experience and will complete your project at a competitive rate and to an extremely high standard.


For further information contact us today on Worthing : 01903 958694

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Affordable Roof Repairs in Worthing

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Bespoke Roofing & Renovations Ltd specialise in Roof Repairs in Worthing.

We offer a full range of roof repairs in Worthing

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Approved contractors for West Sussex County Council and The National Health Service.

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If you are able to ascertain photographs of the roofing leak you are experiencing in Worthing, then you are able to send a photograph to us here at Bespoke, either by attaching to our contact form, via email or via Whatsapp. We aim to provide the quickest response to all your roofing problems in Worthing.