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We offer a full range of roof repairs in Brighton

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We carry out a full range of Roof repairs in and around the Brighton area, we are a reliable and reputable Roofers based in Brighton and are happy to carry out any Roof repairs within a 50 mile radius of Brighton. We have over 30 years experience carrying our Repairs and maintenance to Roofs on both Domestic and Commercial properties throughout the Brighton area.


At Bespoke Roofing, we deal with your whole job in Brighton from beginning to end - from scaffold erection, roofing work, photographs before - during and after.


Our highly trained roofing engineers have been working in the Brighton area for over 30 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience of roof types constructed in Brighton.


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We have experience with the following Roof Repairs in Brighton :


        Flat Roof Repairs 

       Slate Roof Repairs 

        Tenement Roof Repairs 

       Concrete Roof Repairs 

       Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal 

       Metal Roof Repairs 

       Roofers Brighton

        Chimney Repairs Brighton 






A roof repair in Brighton will generally be cheaper than a roof replacement but why not get a quote for both? 


You may find that a roof replacement is only the cost of a few repairs – and given that most repairs only last a few years, and a new roof will actually add value to your home, it may be worth just changing the whole thing and never worrying when it rains anymore.


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Affordable Roof Repairs in Brighton

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Bespoke Roofing & Renovations Ltd specialise in Roof Repairs in Brighton.

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Approved contractors for West Sussex County Council and The National Health Service.

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Your Local Brighton Roofers.


We have been roofing in the Brighton area for over 20 years and you can find all our reviews on Checkatrade.


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We supply and erect our own scaffolding for your Brighton roofing jobs. We do not rely on a third party and once work is completed we will strike within 3 working days.


We also now offer a drone survey service in Brighton for all your roofing needs in Brighton.


Many properties in the Brighton area are not accesible without a scaffold tower. Therefore our drone surveys can cut the cost of requiring scaffold to investigate leaks in Brighton.




Bespoke rofo

BESPOKE ROOFING in Brighton - we supply and erect our own scaffolding, therefore you do not need to deal with a third party at any time.


We undertake any manner of roofing works in Brighton.


These range from flat roofs to pitched roofs, Brighton is also well known for its box gutters and we can line these or rebuild them for you too!


Please contact us on the Brighton roofing number 01273 447495