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Concrete gutters usually start breaking down after 30+ years. Water eventually finds it’s way through the joints and in most cases water seeps behind the concrete gutter causing damp.


People have tried all sorts of ways to seal these gutters up. Lead lining, tar, roof sealant, DIY kits from the internet, all of which are very costly and only work for the short term.


We install of concrete gutter liners using a thick grade EPDM, giving you a life expectancy of approx 30 - 50 years.


We do not simply lay a liner in your gutter. We strip off many rows of tiles including removing hip tiles and laying one large liner up to two metres wide along the whole length of concrete gutter leaving you with bone dry gutters and bedrooms.


All the gutters are thoroughly cleaned and giving you the same water capacity as when the gutter was installed.


All corner and mitred joints are treble sealed using an overlap system making the liner physically impossible to leak.


Specially fabricated outlets are fed through the downpipe hole of the concrete gutter making sure no water can penetrate anywhere.


We supply our own scaffolding and can carry out any further roofing work you need.




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