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Chimney Lining in Angmering

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One of the most important areas of your chimney system is the Chimney Lining. If the chimney lining fails, you can experience many serious problems. The chimney liner is the component that carries all smoke, gas and soot up and out of your home. This non-combustible lining needs to be completely air tight to work efficiently. Once you begin to have cracks or pinholes in your chimney lining you are opening a breach that can allow sparks to travel where they don't belong - into attics, ceilings and walls that are near your chimney.


The number one cause of chimney fires in Angmering is chimney lining that has failed.


5 Questions to ask when you are getting a new chimey lining


      Why does my chimney need a new liner?

      How will the chimney lining fix the problem?

      What liner are you installing and why?

      What’s the chimney lining warranty?

      What will you have to do to the chimney so the liner will fit?


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Chimney Lining in Angmering

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Chimney lining problems in Angmering?