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By ben, Nov 14 2016 01:03PM

We arrived at this clients property - and the internal plasterboard was absolutely drenched through.

On inspection the lead had expanded and retracted with differing temperatures, was no longer sufficiient and was allowing water straight into the client loft and property.

We also noticed that the chimney coping had also eroded due to weathering and also required replacement.

To resolve this - we stripped the existing lead and fitted new code 4 lead as above.

We created a new coping using a 3*1 mortar mix on top of the chimney and for even further protection used a white weathershield paint to deter any further weathering.

Job complete!

By ben, Nov 14 2016 12:53PM

Our client had discovered a leak from their flat roof.

Through our inspection it shows that although the three layer felt system had deterioated - the boards were still in good shape.

In order to resolve this issue we disposed of the original damaged felt and used a 3 layer felt system - laid in hot bitumen.

This included the separately cut drips.

Job complete.

By ben, Nov 7 2016 11:01AM

Our client had internal damp as a result of a failing firewall.

To resolve this issue we have removed the existing render back to brickwork and also removed the on the firewall.

Once removed we unibond all exposed brickwork and supplied beeding to the brickwork.

The first scratch coat was then laid and left allowing to dry, once dry - new render was supplied.

New flashings were then installed to seal the firewall.

Another job completed to customer satisfaction.

By j27digital, Oct 14 2016 10:22AM

Whether you’re building an entirely new property or are adding an extension to an existing building, choosing the roofing will be a crucial decision that can affect your building’s functioning, appearance and cost, so it is certainly a consideration that should be carefully thought through.

Flat roofs and pitched roofs hold different qualities that may be better suited to your property, so to help you get to grips with your options, we’re looking at the two varieties and weighing up the pros and cons of adding each to a new build.


If you’re looking for a very long lifespan for your new build, a pitched roof may be the best option. A strong construction process and durable materials mean that pitched roofs are known to be very long lasting, but that’s not to say that a flat roof will fall apart after a few years, either! Advances in the materials used for flat roofing mean that you can expect a lifespan of at least 20 years – much longer with proper maintenance – and you’ll often find that a good contractor will guarantee their flat roofing to last that long, so you don’t have to worry about having to fork out for repairs or replacements if you do opt for a flat roof.

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