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By cameron, Mar 30 2020 12:26PM

We have recently finished a roofing project in Worthng on a chimney stack.

The render on the stack had deterioated and along with the flat roof was causing water ingress.

In order to rectify this we made repairs to the flat roof and re-rendered the chimney stack.

We oriiginally ground out al the render from the chimney stack.

We the applied unibond to the chimney stack.

We appled a first scratch coat and beeding to the chimney stack.

We then rendered it with a 3*1 mortar mix.

By cameron, Mar 20 2020 12:33PM

We arrived at the property to find that damp penetration was present in the party wall.

From the outside we could see that the firewall had started to crack.

We offered to cap the chimney in mineral felt (a more budget option) but the customer went for the full repair including re-rendering the firewall.

We began by grinding out the existing render back to brickwork.

Uni-bond was then used on the brickwork and a scratch coat laid.

We then re-rendered the firewall front and back and installed new lead. This work took 3 days front and back to complete

By cameron, Mar 4 2020 08:25AM

We arrived at the above property in Brighton where our customer had a heavy leak due to the recent storms.

In order to resolve this issue for our customer we installed new lead and re-rendered the storm affected wall.

We also found holes in the surrounding felt due to water penetration so we stripped the tiles on the roof adjacent to the wall, and supplied and fitted new felt and batten to the affected area.

By cameron, Mar 4 2020 08:09AM

We have recently completed a new felt flat roof in Horsham.

We had done a felt roof repair to the roof last October, to see them through until we had better weather.

As the weather has now changed we took advantage of this to complete the flat roof project for our customer.

By cameron, Jan 31 2020 07:20AM

We have recently completed a chimney refurbishment, including new lead flashigns and new chimney flaunching in Worthing.

Damp was found on the internal stack, centrally and on the side of the chimney stack.

When we used ladders to investigate the chimney we found that the flaunching was cracked so we provided the customer with a quotation to lay a new chimney flauncing using a 3*1 mortar mix.

The lead flashing was also visibly split so we provided the customer with a quotation to supply and install new lead flashings to the chimney.

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